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Do you want to join the @enstijl instagram request for serious request? @enstijl has more than 1800 followers on instagram now.... And I weas thinking: if each of these followers donate just 1 euro for serious request, I can hopefully deliver a big amount of money to the glass house. The glass house is in Haarlem this year and starts today. So if you still want to join this request, email me at: and look for the hashtagL #3fmseriousrequestinstagramrequest on instagram. Hope you will! You can also still bid on the great gift package from Krijtwit ( en Enstijl. We have an auction on instagram. The highest bid is now: 75 euro, but you can still join!

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Shortlist Meet the Blogger Audience Award Beginner

Shortlist Meet the Blogger Audience Award Beginner
I've made it to the shortlist!

enstijl op homecrusch_

enstijl op homecrusch_
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I am Sanne, 32 years old and I live in Haarlem (the Netherlands) with my husband, little boy Bo and baby girl Jip. I get inspired by interiors and little details and want to share this with all who will read it....
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