A weekend away....

We went to the Ardennes in Belgium last weekend. We booked a house via www.airbnb.com and it was superb! We went there with 16 of our closest friends, drank wine and cooked lovely pasta dinners. We went for a long walk and began next to the house. The house was just great. I've chosen it because of it's great styling. We were not disappointed at all! 
The house is called: Monastere-les-Capuccins and it's situated in Couvin in the south of the Belgium Ardennes. The link you can use to book this great property yourself is: https://www.airbnb.nl/rooms/3396247

We have found some hidden places in the house also: an old theatre....

All the bedrooms have their own color theme. And their own bathroom!

There was a great fire place you have to keep going the whole time, to support the house of hot water and warmth....

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