Homestock Haarlem

Homestock in Haarlem: what a lovely store! All new and some vintage products. And all very nice if you have kind of a budget for your home, like me. It's very reasonably priced! I like that! They've opened a second floor now, with just more of the good stuff! 

I've ordered our new couch here.... Very excited.... But I have to wait a couple of weeks before it arrives. So I will keep you updated on the couch!  I also found a real cool vintage army stool from the vintage brand: Best of the Past. I use it as a sidetable now. 

You can also follow Homestock on instagram (@homestocknl), to keep being updated with all the new products. They also have a blog: 

Homestock is a real asset for the city centre of Haarlem. There's a parking spot (De Raaks) very nearby, so you can stall all your findings in the car immediately. Very handy if you're here for a short city trip!

An impression of this great store: 

They have new things every week, so every time you're here, you'll find new beautiful products and stylish corners full of inspiration for you home and stay spot on on trends!

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Shortlist Meet the Blogger Audience Award Beginner
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